Teaching Beginning & Advanced Strength Training
A Progression/Developmental Approach

When setting up your strength training class, you should follow a certain progression of lessons.  Remember that an Advanced Strength Training class progression will be different than a Beginning Strength Training Class.  The Advanced Strength Training class will progress much faster than the Beginning Strength Training class and the intensity of the workouts will be higher.  Both progressions are listed below.

The class will start with 2 full weeks of basic instructions, mixed in with some low weight, high repetition (phase I) lifting.
The following topics and/or areas will be taught/discussed during the first 2-3 weeks of the semester: 

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Beginning Strength Training Class

The Beginning Strength Training class will go through 4 phases of strength training.  
Each Phase will last approximately 4 weeks.

The ProgressionTeaching/Setting up the ClassTesting 1RM
IndividualizedPeaking CycleComparison Chart
Fitness Concepts
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