Weight Room Rules

  • No Horseplay at any time

  • No Food or Drink or Gum in the Weight Room

  • Do Not Sit on the Various Lifting Apparatus during your Rest Interval

  • Wear Proper Lifting Clothes

  • Shoes Must Be Worn at All Times (No Sandals or Open Toe Shoes)

  • Do Not Slam the Weights on the Weight Machines

  • A Spotter Must Be Used on all Free Lifting Stations.  Example: Bench Press, Incline Press, Squats, Power Cleans, etc..

  • Use a Weight Belt on all Over Head Lifts and Squats

  • Return all Free Weights to their Correct Weight Racks and or Weight Trees

  • Report any Injury to the Supervisor Immediately

  • Never Lift Weights Without a Supervisor Present In the Room

Additional Weight Room Rules that should be followed.

  • Do Not attempt a 1 Rep Max without permission from the instructor.

  • Do Not change the volume or station on the radio/stereo.

  • Be Sure to pick up your workout card just after your warm-up session.

  • Always use a collar or clip on your bar when using the free lifting bars.

      For additional examples of good Weight Room Rules see
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