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The purpose of this website is to provide quality information about best practices in;
Strength Training, Fitness Training, and Functional Training activities.
The teaching progression I suggest is not unique, however it is important and necessary to follow
for each person's ability to quickly achieve success in strength training & overall fitness.
To learn about the progression approach towards achieving success in strength training & overall fitness,
click on the blue links below.

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Fit & Well
   Fitness Concepts Test 
Test your knowledge of common fitness concepts, see how many you know
How did you do on this test?  Do you know your Fitness Concepts?
 "Teach Fitness Concepts & Core Strength; A Great 1-2 Punch"
2012 AAHPERD Southern District Conference Presentation
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"Teach Fitness Concepts & Functional Training: A great 1-2 punch!"
AAHPERD National Conference Presentation
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Recommended Functional Training & Portable Fitness Equipment for;
High School, Middle School, and Elementary School
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Perform Better Exercise Videos
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Foam Roller Exercise Video
Medicine Ball Exercise Video
Dot Drill Mat Exercise Video
PB Disc Pillow Exercise Video
Banana Step Exercise Video
ABC Agility Ladder Exercise Video
First Place Training Ropes Exercise Video
Superband Exercise Video

Perform Better Exercise Sheets
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(PDF Files)
ABC Speed/Agility Ladder Training Exercises
Airex Balance Beam Training Exercises
Airex Balance Pad Training Exercises
Balance Steps Training Exercises
Bodyblade Training Exercises
Dot Drill Mat Exercises
Foam Roller Training Exercises
Hurdle Cones & Poles Training Exercises
Indoor/Outoor Fitness Rings Training Exercises
Medicine Ball Training Exercises
Power Plyo Hurdles Training Exercises
Power Weight Bag Exercises
Reebok Core Board Training Exercises
Sandbag Training Exercises
Stackable Steps Training Exercises
Valslide Training Exercises

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